The representatives are very knowledgeable and present their CBN products well.

Kristi Williams

Just went back in for my second time. Donald the owner was once again very educational and helped me do what i needed to. I highly recommend this place. Very clean good products and professionalism

Tanner Davis

Very different health oriented store. I like that they focus on pain management but dont offer any marijuana products. Not everyone wants to "get high" to feel relief. I look forward to seeing this store grow

Andres Montero

Great store

Rockie Reed

Great place for quality information about pain relief that works (when you're over 60) great products.

Bob Blaylock

The owner really knows his products. There is not a ton of product but these are not large items.

Daya Cuillier

Donald the salesperson was super knowledgeable about the products. He also asked if I hurt anywhere because they offer free samples. Personally he had me at free but in all seriousness the drop he gave for me to apply on my shoulder was totally out of this world. It took minutes for me to feel that I was able to move my shoulder with no pain. It was magic! I love the fact that it is a miracle healing lotion in my opinion. This stuff really works!!!

Patty Arias

I love this place!! Thank you for helping me!!! This cold weather is hard on me the CBD helps alot

Carrmon Bills

A clean family friendly atmosphere. Donnie, the proprietor, is very knowledgeable and has many references to testing done on the product. Oh, did I mention that it works very well with a small dose.

Ryan Overholt

This will really help with the pain! I've used others over the many yrs of living in Washington and Colorado. And they did not work or they were way too expensive.These products work fast, are long lasting and very affordable. Then to my suprise my home healthcare aide and others noticed too! It has helped with multiple issues, not just the severe chronic pain! Nausea, muscle tension, migraine headaches, lupus flare ups and symptoms, fibromyalgia, lack of sleep, brain fog, and the various forms of pain... bone pain, nerve pain, muscle pain, lymphatic pain, brain fog etc. The big surprise was the drastic improvement in my Crohn's/IBS symptoms! The ingredients and technology obviously really does make a huge difference in the bioavailability and effectiveness throughout the body and brain. I even applied the topical to.a painful injury and before I could count 1001, 1002, 1003, 1004....... The pain was gone! THANK YOU Donald Lewis!!! THANK YOU American Shaman!!! You're really making a difference in my life!!! I am no longer miserably bound to my in home hospital bed racked with severe chronic pain!

Pamela Woods

Donnie is very knowledgeable about the products. Very nice shop clean and a quiet environment

Rockie Reed

I am having some difficulties after my knee replacement and am always looking for pain management other than the nasty prescription drugs. was quite impressed with my sample of topical on my knee and will pursue this more, great product and great customer service.

Aaron Sloan

I am a 38 and I have suffered from rumutoid arthritis ...and I have alot of infulmation in my hands and I am a big believer in cbd and so I stopped in to see Donnie's store and what he had to offer and let me tell you this stuff works better then any of the stuff I have ever tried before ..he had put some cbd on my hands and then some cream over the top of it ... And let me tell you this when I went in there I was rubbing my hands and my joints because of all the pain I was in .. and after he put his sample on me ... Less then 10 min my pain was gone .. and my inflammation in my hands was the best I have ever seen it before .... He also gave me a sample of his cbd in a glass of water to drink ... Okay guys yes it does not have the best taste .. but if you have any kind of problems this stuff will help u with it ...I felt like I total new person yesterday after I left from seeing Donnie at his store ... I will be taking my whole family and friends down to see them ... Thank you again Donnie for all of your help and a BIG WELCOME TO THE TRI CITES

Rachel Colborn

Amazing product, I have gone from 30 plus seizures a day, to having 3 to 5 a week. Now we are fine tuning my doses to fit my needs and it's been a couple of weeks since my last seizure. I have gone from being bed locked to having a life again and being there for my family outside the house. And the kicker is I'm on Zero, I repeat Zero Pharmaceuticals...Thank you Thank you. Highly recommend, I'm telling everyone! Give CBD a try. Zero high, great cannabinoid therapy!

Jeremiah Strong

Tried the water soluble CBD oil for anxiety and everyday aches an pains from being a construction worker, I was skeptical at first because it is on the pricey side, I'm on my second bottle now and I take a full dropper full 2x a day, wow stuff works amazing. will continue to buy this product.

Justin Kevan

I have anxiety/depression, a husband, 3 kids, 2 dogs and a cat. We are homeowners with 2 cars, as well. For me, this brings on a lot of stress. Within the last couple years my BP has been going up. Other than the fact that it runs in the family, the stress of a couple ADHD/ADD/ODD kids and money could also be a reason for my high BP. I have never been put on medication for my BP, but I probably should've been. I came into your store today, laid out my questions, and you answered them. You gave me a free sample, and within minutes I could already feel the effects. When I got home, stuff that should've been done wasn't, and I didn't freak out; I was super calm and collected. I'm about to head to bed, and I still feel calm. It's been a very long time since I have felt that way, and I thank you guys so much! I look forward to feeling like this the rest of my life

Michelle Charles

I am a severe migraine suffer that was on a total of 23 pills a day to try and avoid getting them( nothing worked) I suffered yesterday with a bad one and woke up today with residual effects. I went to your shop and was very please your knowledge and kindness was and is extraordinary I left your store free of pain. Thank you so much. I will see you soon.

Karen Byrd

I'm currently using the 300 Cloud Tincture.

This product helps me sleep deeply. I can actually remember my dreams when I wake up.

It relaxes my muscles, I dont have leg cramps anymore.

What I like most about Cloud is that when I use it for overwhelming anxiety within a few minutes I'm settled down and can continue in with my tasks.

The newest thing I've done with it was mixed a few drops of it with olive oil to rub on my cats back where her skin was dry/hair fell out. It worked too. I can see new hair growth, her hair is now softer, and well conditioned.

Next I'm going to add some to my cuticle oil to see what it does for my nails.

Kim Moore

The owner deftly explained CBD Oil benefits and how their product is prepared. He did not make promises but reiterated some of the things Hemp Based CBD Oil can positively impact. In his water soluble drops product he has several flavors. Subjectively, I believe the reports on the CBD effect is true. Regardless, CBD American Shaman is a safe, trustworthy, and reasonable choice when searching and purchasing this type of supplement.

Adam Hrebeniuk

Very friendly, very helpful. I like the place.

Sandra Gourley

Really nice cashier.

Chris Huggett

This place has great CBD products!!!

Eric Frasher

Always helpful staff and the manager is great! This place is the only place I would go for CBD.

Konner Kennedy